First, I’d like to start by saying that nine time out of ten, when someone says they have purchased a home theater, they mean a media center.  Although a DVD player, or a Blue Ray disk player, five or seven speakers and a flat panel could make your movie viewing experience quiet exhilarating, it does not qualify this as a home theater.  And that is OK.  I am only bringing this up to get the technicalities out of the way.  I always advise people not to waste too much money on audio and video if your main area of entertainment is in your living room.  If you have a living room with a few doorways, windows, coffee tables and other stuff, than the physics of sound work against you, so do not go spending thousands of dollars on high-end acoustics, they won’t matter much. 



There is nothing wrong with getting a few hundred dollar receiver, a good quality DVD/BD player and set of speakers for say $400, add your LCD and life is good.  COMPSERVICEplus will be happy to hang your flat panel onto a wall or integrate it above the fireplace, conceal the wires, put all the electronics out of the way and setup one remote controller for all the devices instead of having four or five lying around and then trying to figure out which one does what.  This kind of work is a huge part of CSP’s business.  Now if you have the room in your house and your wallet to spend on a real home theater, please read on.

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