Imagine that you have been looking forward to watching the basketball game all day while working.  Then you come home and just as you sit down in a comfortable chair, you get a phone call.  Not a problem.  Just push the pause button and answer it.  The game will wait.  COMPSERVICEplus’ custom designed home theater will not only allow you to pause any live show, but also record it from the moment when you have to leave, or you can schedule a recording by simply finding the show you like using either the full TV guide or using an on-screen mini-guide and pushing the record button.  Once you have a show or shows recorded, you can burn them onto a DVD and take your children’s Barney show with you traveling to keep them occupied.  Also, you can record full series, including and excluding the re-runs, watch and record your DVDs, Blu Ray and HD-DVD movies, listen to your music, enjoy your favorite radio stations, view your picture on the big screen manually or tell it to automatically run a slide show. 


Speaking of a big screen, the biggest TV you can find today is 103 inches made by Panasonic and carrying a hefty price tag of a $70,000.00.  That is far more money than many people can or want to spend.  COMPSERVICEplus can offer a screen up to an incredible 163 inches (that’s 5 more feet) for the fraction of the cost.  An upconverter is a standard equipment that allows you to view your regular DVDs on the HD screen with the minimum distortion.  Like a great sound?  How about the audio configuration ranging from a simple stereo up to an unbelievable 7.4 channels that will play back just about any sound format you can feed to it including the Dolby Digital and an incredible DTS.  If that is not enough, how about browsing the internet on the big screen right from your couch?  There is also a touch screen monitor available to control your “monster” as an option.  The whole system is designed to fit your needs and your preferences. 

Click here for a virtual tour of what your theater could look like.

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