CSP provides a wide variety of computer services:

  • Personal and corporate;
  • Windows and Mac PC’s;
  • Simple computer tune-ups including finding and repairing logical error;
  • Simple hardware upgrades for better performance;
  • Hardware repairs;
  • New computer builds;
  • Antivirus solution and prevention;
  • Data protection;
  • Data recovery;
  • Web design and SEO.

This page is dedicated mainly for people using their computers at home or in a small office.  For all corporate needs please visit our corporate page.



As the time goes one and you use your computer for surfing the web, burn DVD’s or CD’s, watch movies, record music, store pictures, play video games or for any other tasks, the performance of your computer will eventually degrade.  There are many reasons for that, but the main ones are fragmentation, operating system errors caused by frequent turn on/off’s or loading “bad” (unfinished, poorly written, beta or even alpha) software.  These can be found and repaired relatively easily.

If you have an older computer that underperforms in some programs while others (most) work fine, then perhaps a simple hardware upgrade could enhance the performance of your computer and add a few more years to its life.  Chances are that your CPU can handle the work, but your hard drive is too slow, or you are running low on memory.  These are very common problems and are easily solvable.  If you are a gamer and your computer can’t keep up with the latest and greatest, there are ways to make the gaming experience more pleasant as well, in many cases by just upgrading some of the components.   If you are a hard-core gamer, then perhaps you should check the next section.

New computer builds is a big part of CSP’s business.  We design and build computers for many people and companies.  If all you are looking for is a general purpose computer – we will gladly make one for you.  If you are self-employed or a contractor and need your computer to perform certain tasks, we will build the system to satisfy your needs.  CSP has successfully built computers for musicians, video editors, CAD designers, reverse engineers etc.  We also build gaming systems for hard-core gamers. 

Many people ask us how are we different from other OEMs, such giants as HP, Dell, Acer, Sony and others and why should they go with COMPSERVICEplus?  Well, it is quite simple actually.  Every computer we build carries a full one year labor warranty, just like the big guys.  However, the hardware carries a full manufacturer’s warranty of anywhere from one year for CPUs, graphics cards, power supplies, to 3-10 years for the things like motherboards, hard drives and up to a lifetime for memory and select motherboards.  The big guys make you pay additional money for the warranty you should already have.



 Back in a day the only more or less reasonable way to protect your data was tape backup carousels.  That offered respectable (for those times) storage capacity and somewhat ease of use.  The problem was that the tapes needed to be taken off site for storage and tapes are pretty fragile.  Excessive heat, humidity electromagnetic field would cause partial or even total failure.  In today’s world we have a little safer and more advanced solutions.  Implementing RAID technology allows for large storage/backup capacities and data protection.  Network Attached Storage, or NAS, allows the security of a RAID volume, plus the flexibility of storing data in other locations with full access to your data.

If a disaster happened, and you have dropped your laptop while it was one, or a power spike has caused enough damage to your computer to destroy your hard drive, or you have accidently formatted your hard drive, or you hard drive have failed for no reason at all (as it often happens), we can help.  We can recover data from any media: platter drives, SSD, flash media, RAID volumes, etc.

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