For our corporate clients CSP provides following services:

  • Full range of computer repairs;
  • Data protection;
  • Security solutions;
  • New custom system builds;
  • Network integration;
  • Data recovery;
  • Web design and SEO.

CSP offers a vast array of computer services, starting from software trouble shooting and repairs, to hardware upgrades and services integration.  For companies with employees on the move who use laptops we offer HDD replacement with SSD for improved reliability, speed and battery life.  We can implement RAID into their existing systems for data protection and integrity.  Even something as small as cleaning out the dust, replacing thermal grease on the CPU or adding memory can add performance to the existing computers.

Another important job that we do for our clients is implementing full scale of security solutions.  We can provide custom suites for file servers, mail servers, the combination of servers with total control and customization for all the clients on the network.  The software we use is created by BitDefender and it offers unbeatable protection with the smallest effect on performance.  It is available in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.  Please contact us for more information or a free quote.

New computer builds is a big part of CSP’s business.  Our main field of expertise is high performance systems for companies crunching a lot of data.  Majority of our clients buy our computers for their CAD departments, 3-D animation, measurement and scan data manipulation and computation.  We have also provided systems for graphics designers and video editors.

If you have a small company with a few computers communicating with each other using a network switch, and you keep adding more software to them and try to access these computers with remote desktop sharing software while using portable drives to move or copy data from one computer to another, it might be a good time to upgrade.  Adding a server into a company’s network could solve many problems.  Centralized administration, custom control, file servers, software sharing and data management are just a few benefits of having a server.  COMPSERVICEplus have already implemented servers and other network solutions in medical offices, educational and real estate companies, schools, law firms, etc.



 Back in a day the only more or less reasonable way to protect your data was tape backup carousels.  That offered respectable (for those times) storage capacity and somewhat ease of use.  The problem was that the tapes needed to be taken off site for storage and tapes are pretty fragile.  Excessive heat, humidity electromagnetic field would cause partial or even total failure.  In today’s world we have a little safer and more advanced solutions.  Implementing RAID technology allows for large storage/backup capacities and data protection.  Network Attached Storage, or NAS, allows the security of a RAID volume, plus the flexibility of storing data in other locations with full access to your data.

If a disaster happened, and you have dropped your laptop while it was one, or a power spike has caused enough damage to your computer to destroy your hard drive, or you have accidently formatted your hard drive, or you hard drive have failed for no reason at all (as it often happens), we can help.  We can recover data from any media: platter drives, SSD, flash media, RAID volumes, etc.

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